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Frequently Asked Questions


Which file formats can you take?

We accept the following Mac or PC version desktop design formats: QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and CorelDraw. We do not accept files created using Microsoft desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Microsoft Publisher.

My order includes an electronic proof. What do I do if my job requires a precise color match?

For an additional charge, we recommend you order a color match print. A color match print is a high resolution, digital color proof. For match print pricing, please contact your BRIOprint sales representative.

What is the difference between the RGB and CMYK color format?

RGB refers to the primary colors of light, Red, Green and Blue. RGB is the standard format used for video monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners. CMYK refers to the primary colors of pigment: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These are the ink colors used in "4-color process printing", commonly referred to as "full color printing." RGB and CYMK are not compatible formats. RGB files must be converted to CYMK before printing can occur. It is physically impossible for a printing press to exactly reproduce colors as seen on a computer monitor.

How long will it take to upload my files?

Upload time will vary depending on your file size and the speed of your internet connection. Uploads can be as short as a few seconds or as long as an hour. If you are concerned about the size of your file or the speed of your internet connection, we recommend that you send your artwork to us on a CD or DVD.

What if I found a mistake in the artwork?

As a customer, you are responsible for the accuracy of your artwork. You are encouraged to carefully inspect the positioning, copy, and design elements in your art files before submitting them to us. You will receive either an electronic or hard copy proof prior to print production. If you notice a mistake before your order is put into production, you can make necessary changes at that time.

What are "Bleeds" and why do I have to set them?

If the artwork image extends to the edge of the trim size, it is desirable to have the color extend or ‘bleed’ over this edge. This prevents the finished product from showing white on the trimmed edges.

What does PDF stand for?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a universal file format developed by Adobe that preserves the font, formatting, graphic and color information contained in the native source document.

What resolution should be my graphics file?

For best printing results, please make sure that your image files have a resolution of 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) or greater.

How long does it take for me to get a proof for my project?

Once you have placed your order, you should get an electronic PDF proof within 24 hours upon upload. Hardcopy proofs are typically provided within 72 hours after the artwork has been received.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most standard full color jobs ship within 5 business days. Most non-standard full color jobs ship within 10 business days. The length of time it takes to receive an order is dependent on the shipping method chosen by the customer.

Turnaround Time:

Standard full color printed products generally require 3-5 business days for completion. Non-standard, custom ordered products generally require 8-10 business days for completion.

Does the Turnaround Time include Shipping Time?

No. Shipping time is subsequent to Turnaround Time. The shipping time is determined by the customer, and his or her preferred shipping method, whether that be overnight, 2 day, 3 day or standard ground.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept personal and/or company checks for payment, as long as payment is received according to the terms of sale. All sales above $5000 must be paid by check or additional credit card fees will apply.

Net terms are available upon approval of credit. Please call 888-333-7979 x 709 for further information.

Do you charge taxes on the orders?

BRIOprint is a Minnesota Limited Liability Company and must collect taxes for all the orders that are shipped to locations within the state of Minnesota. If you are a tax exempt organization, please fax us your exemption certificate.

How much do you charge for shipping/handling?

We usually ship UPS and the shipping costs vary on a product –by- product basis. A shipping calculator on most of our product pages that provides you with up to the minute shipping estimates for any product eligible for UPS service.

Do you share or sell my contact information?

NO. Customer information is for internal use only. BRIOprint will not sell or release customer information unless otherwise notified in writing by a customer. Then, and only then, will information be provided at the behest of said customer and as pertains solely to said customer.

How do I make changes/cancel to an order?

Once you have approved an electronic or hard copy proof, your order is considered to be in production. You can make changes or cancel an order anytime prior to it entering production. NOTE: If you cancel your order after receiving a hard copy proof, you are liable for any and all charges related to the creation and delivery of that proof.

What if I want to change something on my order after I've approved the proof?

You are able to make changes up to the point your order enters into production. Your order is considered ‘in production’ after an electronic or PDF proof has been approved. There are limitations as to which types of changes can be made prior to production without incurring additional charges. For example, non-artwork related changes such as paper type or quantity may result in additional charges.

How can I reach someone for questions or instructions?

BRIOprint employs specialist in certain areas of printing. When calling please specify if your question is in reference to pricing, specs, ordering process or tracking an existing order, and a specialist will assist you.

How long will it take for an e-mail reply to an inquiry?

We try to reply all emails as they come in during business hours. Depending on the inquiry, you should expect an answer within 2 hours. If you email during the weekend, we will get back to you before noon on the next business day.

Will you match a sample I print out on my own printer, or a previously printed sample?

At BRIOprint, part of the way we offer fast turnaround and low pricing is by printing to a "pleasing color" standard, using standard ink densities. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your finished piece will approximate your printed sample. This is due in part to the widely varying results from different output devices including inkjet and laser printers, continuous tone proofing devices, high-resolution film-based proofs, and different than true offset lithography. Even from one commercial printing company to another, there can be significant differences in results. In particular, inkjet and laser prints are known to look substantially different than true offset lithography.

How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?

People are often surprised at how well their printed pieces resemble what they saw on their computer screens as they were designing. However, because of the wide variance in monitor calibrations, and more specifically, the incompatibility of the video (RGB) and commercial printing (CYMK) formats, printed colors typically do not exactly match the colors on any specific monitor. If your project is color sensitive, consulting a Pantone Matching System (PMS) swatch book is your best means for seeing how the colors in your artwork will look once they have been printed.

Will I always receive exactly the quantity I order?

Often, we ship you slightly more than you ordered, free of charge. Printing industry trade standards allow for an over/under tolerance of up to 10%. If you plan to send your print order to a mailing house or need a guaranteed quantity, we recommend that you order the next available quantity.

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