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Ghostwriting Services

Writing a book is an extraordinary process as it allows you to share your life and inspire your audience. As a ghostwriter, Marala Scott will work with you to tell your story so you can help others avoid some of the many obstacles life has or simply inspire them to prevail in their endeavors. Regardless of your reason for writing, it allows you to open the door to some measure of your life and in return, it can offer you a therapeutic release.

Our ghostwriting services are led by Award-winning Author and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott. At Seraph Books, our ghostwriters specialize in inspirational memoirs, novels, autobiographies, and more. We take your life experiences and turn them into your manuscript a reality. We make it easy. ​

We make it easy. We take your ideas and make your manuscript a reality.


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Your heart has beautiful stories of lessons, love, faith and more. Be a teacher of life and share your memoir.

–Marala Scott


Aaron Lamont is an award-winning author, successful ghostwriter, and a WGA writer, but his journey embodies much more than meets the eye. Aaron walked on the Ohio State University football team, acted on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne on TBS, released an independent album, runs his clothing company Shék VI and his fitness company Secrets2Sexy, modeled, and turned his #1 Amazon Best Seller into a TV series—he is not one dimensional. 


Aaron’s book, This Is Why You’re Single, was written to change the negative perspective associated with the difficulty of finding love. His work was published through Seraph Books and his unique writing style garnered the attention of Marala Scott. For the last 8 years he has been writing by her side helping breathe life into dozens of inspirational stories and memoirs. 


A psychology major at The Ohio State University, Aaron utilizes his education when working with and interviewing clients. It allows him to be empathetic and understand the magnitude of each clients journey, and what they want to communicate to their audience. Aaron is incredibly effective in having clients share the true purpose of their story in a relatable context. His unique writing process is personal and specific to each client. Writing should be an enjoyable process and Aaron ensures it’s just that. 

Alyssa Curry is a Mental Health Counselor and the Award-winning and Best Selling Author of Intuition, written with her mother, Marala Scott. She embarked on this heartfelt project in an effort to help her mother recover from a craniotomy due to multiple brain aneurysms—and has been writing ever since. Alyssa is the co-author of Living In The Black with Brenda Blackmon. From the initial conception to the cover and marketing, Alyssa has worked on each project with her mother, Marala Scott.


Illuminated by her passion for life with a Master's degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. Alyssa also utilizes this expertise in writing and editing. Alyssa is an Award-winning book cover designer and novelist that spends her free time engulfed in music.


Alyssa designed the book cover and copyedited: Looking Within, Dirty Little Secrets, Little Black Book, The FallAllure of a PredatorMortgage Secrets, Strategies, & WarningsIntuitionThis Is Why You’re SingleLiving In The BlackThe Covenant of PeaceBad To The BoneInvisible Girl, and more.


For a book cover design or copyediting, email Alyssa at

Do you need a ghostwriter because you have an idea for

a book but don’t have the time to write it?

Do you want Marala Scott to consult on your publishing project?

Do you want to change lives by sharing your inspirational story?

Would you like to become a leading expert in your field?

I write to show you how great your life is. –Marala Scott

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