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"Could I have written my memoir without Marala’s guidance? Maybe. But, it never would have had the heart, soul and humanity that Marala effortlessly brings to every project. The process was special, the result is special, because Marala is special."



Omar Sharif Jr.,

Egyptian-Canadian actor, Public Figure, and Author of Tale of Two Omars

Dirty Little Secrets_Final_Paperback.jpg

"Marala Scott is an amazing writer who has the unique ability to capture the subject and her client in a very personal way. She spends a tremendous amount of time in preparing and understanding the purpose , objective and story to make sure readers feel not just read. I highly recommend this exceptional talent."



Louis Carr,

President of Media Sales for BET

Author of Dirty Little Secrets and Little Black Book

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"Marala and her team's work, they are truly exemplary and I am very proud of what we have produced together."



Dr. Ankit Bharat,

Chief of Thoracic Surgery ​at Northwestern Medicine

Author of Innovation Amid Despair​: Restoring Hope and Time


"I’ve had the incredible experience of meeting Marala. Such an amazing human being. She inspires me to this day to be the best version of myself I can be and has helped me understand things on a deeper level so I can let go of what is holding me back. Nothing compares to Marala and her ability to change lives for the better. She is what I call an Earth Angel."



Todd James Myers,

Executive producer, actor, and author of The Fall


"It was truly a pleasure working with Seraph Books on my book, Allure of a predator. As a first-time author, their expertise and professionalism made the process smooth and stress-free. Alyssa Curry's execution as editor, book cover and website designer was outstanding. I can honestly say my book wouldn't have been completed without her. Finally, I was treated like a family member, and their sensitivity to my needs and professionalism made me feel they always had my interest top of mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Seraph Books without reservation, to anyone looking for exceptional publishing services."



Charles Richardson,

Author of Allure of a Predator


"Being that I was a first-time author with nothing more than a product and vision, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have a few colleagues that have published books and they've given me nothing but horror stories from some of the major distributors that are available for publishing. Seraph Books made this process more personal than I could have ever imagined. Once I gave them what I had and told them what I wanted, the ball never stopped moving from then onward. The time frame in which my book was edited, along with a complete cover design, was simply astonishing. They surprised and delighted to say the least. They are professional, they hit their targets and the marketing campaign that comes with their services is unlike anything I've ever seen. I would like to sincerely thank Seraph Books for such a seamless process for something that could have been much more stressful. I look forward to publishing my next project with you."


Aaron Lamont Curry,

Author of This Is Why You're Single


"When I wrote my very first book Stamina, I was very nervous but once I started working with Seraph Books and got my first edited proof back, I could not stop smiling from excitement! They not only opened my creative mind but educated me on how to enhance my writing skills and my entire thought process. Seraph Books would always respond immediately and would not stop until we were COMPLETELY done with each process. It would be late nights and early mornings when I would send messages and every single time, they responded. That is worth more than money and I will never use another company, outside of Seraph Books! Thank You Very Much for EVERYTHING!"


Derek L. Anderson Sr.,

Former NCAA Champion with the Kentucky Wild Cats

Former NBA Champion with the Miami Heat

living in the black.jpg

"Working with Seraph Books has been a phenomenal experience. Every detail regarding publishing, cover design, editing and guidance has been handled with the utmost love and care. The team at Seraph Books is committed to ensuring that your story is impactful and meaningful to the audience. I could not have published a book of this quality without the assistance of the team at Seraph Books!"


Brenda Blackmon

covenant of peace.jpg

"Publishing my first book, The Covenant of Peace, was like a mother with her newborn baby. Having anyone handle it was not easy for me. And, so like an overprotective mother, I brooded over the publication of this book with intense scrutiny. The staff of Seraph Books seemed to understand this very well and patiently worked with me to deliver a product I am pleased with. Thanks to you all for walking me through a learning and gratifying experience."


Shawn Saunders

Invisible girl.jpg

"I am humbled to have had the opportunity to work with Seraph Books on a book that I hold very close to my heart. What I received wasn't just a book but a whole life makeover. They have given me a book that will help me change the world and a platform to start. Not only are they extremely professional, they make their clients a number one priority, like family. This experience has not only taught me how to inspire people with my story, it made me a better person in the process! The quality of care I was given is unheard of, above and beyond what I could have expected! Thank you Seraph Books for helping make my life and dreams come true!"


Cynthia Luce


"Working with Seraph has been awesome. I was handled very well. Communication was always open and I got more than I could have ever imagined. This has been by far the greatest experience of my life. This has been nothing short of amazing."


David Tuccaro


"Life can bring unexpected surprises, and the kind and generous guidance of Marala Scott was one such gift. Through Seraph Book’s clear direction I was able to bring my first book, “The Angels and Me – Experiences of Receiving and Sharing Divine Communication” to life. I will always be grateful for their insights, guidance and friendship through the experience of telling one’s own story."


Elaine Grohman

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